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Dealership Sales Events for Today’s Market

When you think of a sales event for a dealership, you might think of sky dancers in the parking lot, caution tape around the group of “special” cars, and a band of gypsies in your dealership who couldn’t get a job within 100 miles of their hometown.


At Impact Direct, that’s NOT what we mean with today’s sales events!

We use direct mail pieces that cut through the clutter, dedicated microsites for personalized responses, QR codes to scan respondents into your CRM, and drive hundreds of calls to set hundreds of appointments.

Contact us today and see why we handle some of the Nation’s largest event sales.

Unique Call to Action Direct Mail & Digital Marketing

We start with mail pieces and digital creative that gets attention in your market. Same old same old doesn’t work. It must jump out at you and cut through the clutter. Whether it’s the mail piece in a prospect's box or message on their smart phone – we’ll get you noticed!

On-Site Host/Hostess in Your Showroom

Qualified and honest professionals in your showroom. During an event, you’ve got about 30 seconds to legitimize the sale with a prospect. We can supply an automotive professional to legitimize your event, qualify customers, and even close on your showroom floor.


Pairing Call Centers with Events

We drive calls, we drive digital response. Our event products drive appointments for the sale. We typically have hundreds of appointments set before your event begins. If your dealership is equipped with a BDC, we will load your center with calls and digital responses. Impact Direct also offers optional BDC services with all our products.


Point Of Sale Materials

Add a POS package to your event and when your prospects walk thru the door, the look of your showroom matches the offer in their hand or on their smartphone. Everybody decorates for a party!




Ready to get started?

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