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Digital Marketing for Today's Dealerships

Everyone knows customers are online. How do you get the right message to the right customer in today’s crowded digital advertising space? Impact Direct utilizes patented technology to not just deliver your message, but target the right recipient.

Direct to Device

This digital product allows you to target a specific audience’s digital devices with compelling offers that move them to take action. For example, let’s say you want to serve digital offers to owners of 2008 – 2014 Ford F-150s. With our Direct to Device technology, we can make that happen for your store!


Outsmart your competition by serving ads for your dealership to customers in their dealership in real time. How do you actually move that customer to your store? That’s where Impact Direct comes in. Just targeting your competition’s customers isn’t enough, you’ve got to put an offer on their phone that turns into sales at your store. We know how to get that done!


Email Marketing

Just sending emails isn’t enough in today’s market.  You have to send the right message to the right customer, otherwise the consumer will just press “delete.”  Taking a personalized approach results in more of your email messages being read and more actions influenced.







Digital Components with Direct Mail

Landing Pages, QR Codes, Social Media – We support all direct mail campaigns with digital components that increase response rates and tie your traditional direct mail with today’s mobile devices.




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