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Need to sell cars fast?

unique automotive marketing solutions FOR DEALERSHIPS.

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Direct to Device Digital Marketing

Targets consumers' devices based on what they drive.

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Track Marketing Results

Impact Track follows the consumer all the way to your showroom.

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Automotive Marketing for your Dealership

Impact Direct provides a multi-channel strategy to drive traffic to your showroom and sell cars.


Automotive Direct Mail

We know how to get your dealership noticed in a consumer's mailbox. If you're tired of the same old stuff, you’ve come to the right place.



Digital Marketing

Location based mobile targeting or targeting owners of specific vehicle types mobile devices, we have the latest digital solutions.



Sales Events

We are event experts. Any season of the year or goal, we have an event to fit your needs. Impact Direct handles sales events for some the Nation’s Largest Dealer Groups.



Tracking Software

Our proprietary Impact Track system lets you know what's happening with your campaigns. Every response is tracked in real time and flows into your CRM seamlessly.


Success Stories



“Impact Direct’s on-site representatives are great! They have always sent us qualified automotive professionals that turn opportunities into sales in a professional manner. That’s why we’ve been a customer since 2006!”
- Rick Torres, Empire Hyundai



“I’ve used Impact Direct hundreds of times in my stores. Grand Openings, month long events, you name it we’ve done it with Impact Direct. They know how to put ups in my showrooms!”

- Billy Fuccillo, #1 Kia Dealer in the World


Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

“We’ve been running with Impact Direct for 5 years. It's been a great relationship, every event we have traffic, excitement, and sell cars!”

- Billy Mack, Victorville Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Promotions Working Now

We deliver unique, aggressive and world class marketing pieces designed to cut through the clutter of traditional direct mail. Contact us to get a personalized plan to drive car sales. 


Hear from one of our clients

  • Tommy Mack, Sales Manager of Victorville Motors, CA
  • Using Impact Direct for 5 years
  • 18 successful events, and 3 more in the works
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