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Helpful Articles for Your Dealership

From automotive digital marketing, to direct mail and sales event marketing, our experts provide their knowledge to give you automotive marketing best practices, so you can sell more cars, faster.

Impact Direct Team

Recent Posts

Nov 16, 2018

Know More. Sell more.

Henry Ford was once asked why he visited his executives rather than having them come to his office when problems arose or he needed questions answered...

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Nov 09, 2018

Reviews are Essential to SEO

We talk a lot about keyword strategies in digital marketing. In SEO specifically, we focus on ensuring that we are using the name of our business, our...

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Oct 18, 2018

What is Digital Marketing and How to Use It

Digital marketing isn’t rocket science. It has no boundaries. Since you may see, digital promotion is a big and complicated topic. Digital Marketing i...

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Sep 17, 2018

Always Assume the Sale

Certainly, you’ve heard the saying: When you assume, you make an ass out of ‘u’ and ‘me.’ Cute, even funny… but not at all applicable in sales. Not to...

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Sep 12, 2018

Human to Human Communication is Still Valuable

Communication is vital to business, that’s a given. In retail, businesses must be responsive, provide a great customer experience and stand by their p...

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Aug 22, 2018

Better Emails to Quicken Sales

Overthinking your emails and email templates? One aspect of the internet sales process that is beginning to creep in the wrong direction is the automa...

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Aug 02, 2018

Identifying Leads vs Customers - What's the Difference?

A guy walks into a dealership and says, “I’d like to see an SUV with 3rd-row seating.” Who is this guy? Is he a lead? Is he a customer?

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Jul 25, 2018

How Your Online Reputation Affects Sales

It’s getting harder and harder for car dealerships to stand out among a crowded field of competition. Because the auto industry operates in what is a ...

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Jul 02, 2018

How to Use Social Media in Car Sales

In the age of customer experience, successful salespeople have transitioned from an “always be closing” mindset to an “always be helping” mindset. In ...

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Jun 19, 2018

Great Advantages of Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing sounds simple, but doing it well is not. Sure, it’s just a matter of taking ideas for new, related products and services, writin...

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